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Find Drug Rehab Programs that Work!

Professional Drug Rehab AssistanceSometimes it feels that even though you are interested in making a change; there are so many options available that it feels impossible to comprehend. After all, people seeking drug treatment often need to act fast while the desire to become sober is still there and feeling that comparing all the different types of treatments may seem entirely too overwhelming.

We can help you make sense of it all and more importantly, find long-term solutions that match what you are looking for. Our team of treatment professionals can help you choose the best rehab options for you or your loved one. With decades of experience in the drug and alcohol recovery field, we have helped thousands of individuals and families make the choice that was right for them and we can help educate you on making the right choice for your addiction situation.

We have now helped over 30,000 people in the last few years on their way to finding lasting recovery!

Drug and Alcohol Rehabs is a complimentary service for people looking for effective narcotic rehab for themselves or a loved one. Our dependency professionals have held a wide variety of positions in the treatment and prevention field, including running drug and alcohol rehab organizations, working with government officials on policy, working with statewide treatment provider groups, education in the workplace and for young adults and even consulting doctors. We are experienced counselors versed in dealing with alcohol, ecstasy, meth, cocaine, marijuana, heroin, prescription medication and other substances.

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What is Addiction?

Long-Term Successful Drug RehabAlcohol and drug addiction has two main components. These two aspects are: the direct physical cravings and the underlying emotional aspect that has caused someone to turn to illicit substances or alcohol in the first place. This is why treatments that we highly recommend always include these two steps. The first step is biophysical detoxification. This is done because a person often feels trapped by the physical dependence and cravings for more of the narcotic. After the person has detoxified, the second step is approaching the mental and/or emotional side. What is the underlying reason for illicit substance abuse in the first place, what can be done to avoid use and how can the person learn to avoid specific triggers in the future?

Some still perceive the problem as a disease, however there is no evidence to support this claim, nor does it seem accurate with how we have come to classify disease. There is no scientific evidence available that suggests it is an incurable brain disease. In fact, the opposite has been proven and we see the results every day. People can and do, completely beat their dependency every day and continue to lead very happy, productive and addiction-free lives.

Don't Go to a Poor Drug Rehab ProgramStop! Before you send your loved one to a drug rehab center based only on cost or location, contact us to find out what types of rehabilitation programs have the best recovery rates.

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Why Seek Out Treatment?

Anyone struggling with a dependence often feels conflicted about entering recovery and seeking treatment. Sometimes someone struggling with an addiction may feel that they are not ready to quit yet. The following are five solid reasons why seeking good treatment is not only the best choice for the person with an addiction, but for everyone that is involved in their life.

  • Physical health – Even though the negative effects on the human body can differ from substance to substance, abuse is always going to do damage. Many types of narcotics can cause irreversible damage to the brain, lungs, heart and other vital organs. It does not have to take long for someone struggling with a dependency to notice the changes in their health due to illicit substance abuse. Thanks to holistic treatment options, it is possible to withdraw from these damaging narcotics in a natural way.
  • Mental health – Studies have proven that long-term dependence on illegal substances can actually reroute part of the brain. This means that people struggling with dependence are no longer able to find enjoyment in other things that they used to. Simply put – narcotics can alter personalities. Oftentimes, it is not the person with the addiction that notices the change, but their family and friends that do. The scary reality is that sometimes the effects on the brain will not wear off even if a person seeks out treatment, meaning long-term damage to the brain may become a factor. This is one of the reasons that people should never wait too long before they decide to enter drug recovery.
  • Relationships – Even though the person may not realize it, dependence will affect every relationship they have. This may mean relationships with family and friends, but can also affect the person’s employment. Oftentimes someone struggling with dependence will want to avoid conflict or hide addiction, meaning that they distance themselves from people that care about them. They tend to isolate themselves or want to be around people that are also addicted.
  • Family – There have been too many families torn apart because of someone being addicted to illicit substances. The stress of having someone with an addiction as a family member has caused irreversible damage to countless families. While it may not be possible to avoid issues that have already occurred, it is possible to actively make a change.
  • Happiness – Here we are talking about genuine happiness. Even though someone may feel happy once they are under the influence, they often feel worse than before once they start to come off their high. It is possible to live a healthy, happy life without the assistance of illicit substances. For many people, it is not too late for a fresh start. The only thing that they need to do is pick up the phone, make that call and seek out the treatment that can help.

The right drug or alcohol rehab program, one that addresses both aspects of the problem, can help you with long-term sobriety for yourself or a loved one. We recommend long-term drug rehab programs that do not use any type of replacement therapy but attempt to find out the underlying cause of the problem.


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