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Inexpensive Drug Rehab OptionsWhen you reach this page on our website, you may have come to the realization that a number of the drug treatment rehabilitation options are not free, but instead cost money. This is not true for every program. A number of available options do receive financing from local, state, or federal government and others are given money by people from religious organizations or foundation grants. What happens when you seek a specific type of treatment? What do you do when the waiting list on a state-sponsored program exceeds several months? What happens when you know the success rate of a certain facility far outweighs any alternative? Perhaps you need an alternative to the always-present 12-step approach, or looking for something out of state. If you are looking for an option that has a demonstrable level of success that can provide quality services paired with accountability, it is important to look beyond the free services.

Affordable Options

It is true that the word "affordable" is a relative term. For some, affordable means only a few hundred dollars, while others might assume that it means anything below $20,000. The fact is that professional addiction treatment costs money. It would be great if the United States government diverted even a small portion of the money it spends on fighting the 'War on Drugs' towards actual solutions to deal with addiction, but we are not there yet. On average, an inpatient drug rehab option costs about $7,000 per month. This means that payments of more than $30,000 at a long-term facility are common. Unless you are one of the lucky few, that is a lot of money to spend.

However, it is important to remember that the money spent is an investment in a life free of addiction, a life of sobriety. Many people would get a loan for a car at that amount without thinking twice about it. Some people might look at the cost per month and assume that if they only go a single month, they are beating the system. They are paying less and still receiving the help that they need. Unfortunately, it doesn't work like that. Research has demonstrated that the longer treatment options are far better when it comes to providing the tools necessary for long-term sobriety. Even though you are spending more money, it also means that you are receiving the full benefits.

Don't Go to a Poor Drug Rehab ProgramStop! Before you send your loved one to a drug rehab center based only on cost or location, contact us to find out what types of rehabilitation programs have the best recovery rates.

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What is Meant by Affordable Rehab?

We can help find the least expensive programs that still use the recommended biophysical detoxification approach when it comes to narcotic and alcohol rehabilitation. These types of treatment are going to be several months long, but in terms of cost, will only cost about half of the national average. That is right, a rehab program that has a proven scientific basis, that works in the long-term and you would still be able to pay less than the cost of many programs that are not effective. This is what happens when you work with a provider that understands your needs and has a wide network of options.

The Cost of Residential vs. Outpatient

On average, the residential option will cost significantly more than outpatient programs do. The obvious reason behind it is the overhead (this depends on the quality of care that patients receive at the facility). The reason residential options are more expensive is because they must maintain full food service and employ round-the-clock staff. Inpatient centers also tend to have more pure acreage than the alternative. Even though residential treatment may be more of an investment, it is still worth considering because research shows that it has a much higher success rate than the outpatient alternative.

Considering Assets and Financing

Another way to afford professional help is to look at available means of financing. If the problem is bad enough, it is entirely possible to finance the entire program with a loan. Patients have taken out a new, low-interest credit card to pay for treatment or at the very least used it for a down payment. You can even transfer the balance to a 0.0% introductory interest rate card for 12 months. Others who did not have available cash have refinanced their home to take advantage of the equity in it.

It is also a good idea to look at insurance. Part of the payment for rehab is often covered by health insurance policies. If you have savings available, is there a better way to use those savings than to start over in a life free from the burden of addiction? It is also a good idea to consider available assets are there things to sell, perhaps a collection of clothes, movies, books, vinyl records, anything that you could sell through a number of different sources (online listings, newspaper listings, garage sales). These are all ways to have a little bit extra to pay the bills. Just like your savings and insurance, this may not completely cover the expenses, but it is a step in the right direction.

A number of drug rehab centers work with external medical financing companies. These can lend some or all of the associated costs to you and assist people in need by allowing long-term payments. Even though this is not a guarantee for any facility, it is something worth looking into and asking about when making your decision.

The Importance of Rehab

Proper Therapy is KeyWith so much money necessary for treatment, some might think that trying to go 'cold turkey' on their own or with the help of a friend or family member is a cheaper alternative. Even though some narcotics come with extremely dangerous (and even deadly) withdrawal symptoms, this may be an option for many people. However, it is important to remember that a good facility is more than a place where someone can detox. People can overcome the psychological and physical components of addiction. While working alongside professional counselors, it is possible to get to the underlying cause of drug addiction. If someone were to stop using altogether without getting to these root causes, the chance of relapse is high. When receiving the help needed to get to the underlying root of the problem, it is possible to move forward and turn your life around.

If you are looking for a quality drug rehab facility with a history of proven results at a lower cost, then we can help. Call 1-800-964-1075 today to find an affordable drug rehab program.


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