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Drug Rehab Centers in AlabamaIf you are looking for an Alabama drug rehab, you may have found that there are a number of different facilities throughout the state. However, how can you be sure that the treatment you are considering is the right one for your particular situation? This is precisely where we come in. We can help you determine what the best possible option might be.

What We Can Do for You

We assist people who are looking for rehabilitation centers in Alabama. We do so by providing more information about the types of rehabilitation centers that are available and offering our professional and unbiased advice on resources that may fit what the person in question is searching for. This is precisely why we do not simply provide a single treatment facility; we take the needs and desires from each individual caller into consideration before we make a recommendation. This service is a complimentary service that we offer to people from Alabama because we understand the need for making the right choice the first time around.

It doesn't matter if you are from Birmingham, Montgomery, Huntsville, Mobile, Tuscaloosa, Auburn, or surrounding areas in Alabama, we know of a location near you. Our drug and alcohol addiction professionals can help you choose the best rehab option for you or your loved one from Alabama. With decades of experience in the drug and alcohol rehab field, our counselors have helped thousands of individuals and families. We can help educate you on making the right choice for your situation.

Make a Choice that is Right for You

There are approximately 258,000 current illicit drug users in Alabama who would benefit from finding the right type of treatment to meet their needs. We often recommend long-term rehab programs. This is not because of a particular ideology that we have or because we feel that patients should spend more money, it is because research that has been done over the course of the last few decades suggests that long-term treatment options are more successful in helping a patient make a lasting change in his or her life.

Don't Go to a Poor Drug Rehab ProgramStop! Before you send your loved one to a drug rehab center based only on cost or location, contact us to find out what types of rehabilitation programs have the best recovery rates.

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The Supply of Illicit Substances

The threat in Alabama is the widespread availability and abuse of illegal drugs arriving from outside the state, along with its homegrown marijuana and the increasing danger of the local manufacturing of methamphetamine and designer drugs. Conventional substances such as cocaine, methamphetamine, and marijuana comprise the bulk of drugs arriving in and shipped throughout the state. Colombian, Mexican and Caribbean Drug Trafficking Organizations (DTOs), regional DTOs, as well as local DTOs and casual or one-time traffickers are responsible for the transportation of these drugs. Additionally, Mexican, Caribbean and regional DTOs have extensive distribution networks within the state of Alabama. Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs are also supplying methamphetamine on a very limited basis through their own distribution network within the state. For quite some time production of local methamphetamine was on the rise, however the state is actively combatting this problem. This is made evident by the fact that the percentage of meth lab seizure incidents throughout the state increased 199% from 2007 to 2009.

The Most Common Illicit Substances

When looking at the most commonly cited substances amongst primary drug treatment admissions throughout the state, there are two illicit narcotics that stand out as having the most impact marijuana and cocaine.


Marijuana is the most common illicit substance that individuals in Alabama seek primary drug treatment for. This is the product from a hemp plant and is not only popular throughout the state, but also the most commonly used illicit substance in the country. It is a gray or green mixture of shredded, dried leaves and flowers from the hemp plant. Cannabis is used in many different ways, brewed as a tea, mixed into food, smoked in a water pipe, rolled into a cigarette, or rolled into a cigar.

The use of this narcotic has both short-term and long-term effects. The short-term effects associated with cannabis include problems with learning and memory, trouble with problem solving and thinking, anxiety, increased heart rate and loss of motor coordination. These problems are actually increased when someone mixes other substances along with cannabis. While the long-term effects are not entirely clear at this point, there is reason to believe that cannabis may serve as a gateway drug (something that will make individuals more likely to abuse other substances in the future.


Cocaine is extracted from coca plant leaves. It is one of the most addictive substances available and a potent brain stimulant. There are two main forms of distribution of cocaine:

Users often inject or snort cocaine, whereas the preferred method for using crack cocaine is to smoke it. Short-term effects include anxiety, irritability, feelings of restlessness, loss of appetite, insomnia, increased blood pressure, heart rate and body temperature, dilated pupils and peripheral blood vessels.

One of the main reasons that cocaine is so addictive is because of its immediate euphoric effects. However, once the high dissipates the user may experience a "coke crash" which includes fatigue, irritability and depression. Because of that crash, long-term users often use more cocaine in order to feel good, because they are unable to do so without relying on the narcotic for help.

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Alabama Substance Abuse SupportIn the latest year of released statistics, 554 individuals died in Alabama as a direct consequence of drug use. For those 554 individuals it is too late to change their life, but if you or someone close to you is struggling with addiction or substance abuse, it is still possible to make a change regardless of what your current situation is. Don't waste another moment caught up in the grasp of addiction.

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Important Local Contact Information:

Governor's Office
(334) 242-7100

Attorney General
(334) 242-7300

Department of Corrections
(334) 353-3883
Email: Judicial System

State Supreme Court:
(334) 242-4609

Court of Civil Appeals:
(334) 242-4095

Court of Criminal Appeals:
(334) 242-4590 Statistical Analysis Center

Criminal Justice Information Center
(334) 242-4900
Email: State Health Agencies

Division of Substance Abuse Services
(800) 367-0955

Department of Mental Health, Substance Abuse Services Division
(334) 242-0725

Regional Alcohol and Drug Abuse Awareness (RADAR) Center Drug Education Council, Inc.
(251) 478-7855
Email: Other Offices in State

State Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA)
(205) 321-1300
(256) 519-6722
(334) 441-5831
(334) 223-7429

Local Recovery Centers:

Bradford Health Services
(888) 577-0012
1189 Albritton Road
Warrior, AL 35180

Bridge Inc
(251) 633-0475
3401 Newman Road
Mobile, AL 36695

Dauphin Way Lodge
(251) 438-4729
1009 Dauphin Street
Mobile, AL 36604

Rapha Treatment Center
(256) 538-7458
677 West Covington Avenue
Attalla, AL 35954

Local drug rehab overview with a single-day snapshot:

Type of Rehab Facilities   Clients  
  # % # %
Outpatient 111 81.6 12,868 92.3
Regular Outpatient Centers 78 57.4 1,544 11.1
Intensive Outpatient 79 58.1 4,437 31.8
Day Treatment 13 9.6 145 1.0
Detoxification 13 9.6 55 0.4
Methadone/buprenorphine 19 14 6,687 48.0
Residential - AL 33 24.3 962 6.9
Short Term Programs 15 11 343 2.5
Long Term Rehabs 23 16.9 563 4.0
Detoxification Centers 8 5.9 56 0.4
Hospital Inpatient - AL 9 6.6 109 0.8
Rehabilitation 4 2.9 28 0.2
Detoxification 9 6.6 81 0.6
Totals (facilities may offer multiple services) 136   13,939 100%

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