Long Term Inpatient Drug Rehab Programs

Professional Inpatient Drug Recovery AssistanceWhen you or someone that you care about is ready to make a choice about a possible treatment facility, there is the option between a long-term, inpatient facility, outpatient options, and shorter in-patient options. The truth is that we can't force someone to choose one over the other, but we always recommend the long-term options to clients that are serious about wanting to make a change. There are many reasons why we and many experts on the subject of addiction, consider this the best possible option.

A Quick Definition

When you look at the National Institute on Drug Abuse's definition, these extensive treatment options provide continual care for an extended period. There are short-term residential programs available that only last a few weeks, but the extended programs usually last more than 90 days and some can last upwards of a year. There is no "magic number" as to what the specific number of days a patient should undergo treatment for, it is best to let each individual move at his or her own pace. Many of the inpatient drug rehabs only last between 28 or 30 days. That is just not enough time to produce significant, lasting recovery.

Understanding How to Overcome Addiction

Before someone can hope to avoid relapse, it is important to understand the following:

As you can see, there are many steps here. Like everything in life, some people simply take a little longer to learn these lessons than others might. In order to understand all these aspects, to come to terms with the underlying cause of addiction, takes more than a month for the majority of people. It is true that a short-term residential program will introduce these lessons to the patient and provide them with a foundation, but just having a foundation is not enough. While a foundation is certainly better than nothing at all, it will probably not be enough to help someone when his or her life becomes difficult, when they feel lonely, or sad. They will need an alternative way to deal with these issues.

That is why most people benefit from continuing residential treatment programs, it does more than provide a foundation, it allows them to take these lessons and learn how to use them in his or her life. With the intense support throughout a prolonged period, it lays the complete plan for a life of sobriety.

Don't Go to a Poor Drug Rehab ProgramStop! Before you send your loved one to a drug rehab center based only on cost or location, contact us to find out what types of rehabilitation programs have the best recovery rates.

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The Time Spent Healing

Aside from the lessons learned, remember that sometimes the detoxification process alone can take a week, sometimes even more than that. When you consider that, it only leaves three weeks in the short-term inpatient treatment centers to get to the underlying cause of addiction, learn to avoid triggers, understand what they should do when they feel tempted to use again and live a healthy life without the risk of relapse. Some people have relied on drugs and alcohol for years and while a sober month is a step in the right direction, it means nothing if they don't have that aforementioned understanding of how to deal with triggers and temptation.

The goal for any rehabilitation facility is not to keep the person coming back; the goal is to ensure that the person can re-enter the world without needing that facility again. From there they can become a productive member of society that doesn't suffer from addiction anymore. If you send someone out the door after they have been sober for a month without giving them advice on how to avoid the old patterns of their behavior, chances are that their sobriety is not going to last.

Real Change

Even though it would be nice to flip a switch or take a pill to cure the addictive mindset, it is not realistic. An enduring program that addresses the biophysical aspect of addiction to ensure that everyone gets the best possible chance at a full recovery is imperative. This is why long-term facilities do not come with a set period to indicate that treatment is complete, because that is not realistic thinking. The process is not complete after 20 days, 30 days, 40 days, or even 100 days, the process is complete when the person is able to live their life without the fear of relapse.

Making the Right Choice

How to Find Successful Drug RehabsWe understand that a lot of the information provided can be overwhelming, especially in an emotional moment that decisions have to be made when it comes to the options available. That is why we are there to help you through the process. Some people assume that the most expensive option has to be the best or most successful, but that is not always true. Yes, many of the excellent available options do cost money, but when you make the right choice, they are worth the investment. There are free facilities (some of which are paid for by your state and federal taxes) but many of these are hopelessly overworked and have lengthy waiting lists. There are also facilities that have the audacity to charge you more than a new mortgage on a home would cost, but do you need a beachfront facility or do you want to make sure that you or the person that you care about gets the best care available?

There are many factors to consider when looking for the best possible outcome of any treatment and we are ready to help you find out what they are. Research has shown that long-term facilities that have a drug-free approach, address underlying issues and incorporate an educational component provide the best possible chance of lasting sobriety. When someone enters a continuing treatment program it shows commitment to change, it shows determination to have a life without the need to use illicit drugs or abuse alcohol.

A group of researchers from the University of Chicago, Brown University, and Rhode Island Hospital teamed up with the National Institute of Drug Abuse (NIDA) and found that people struggling with addiction had a better chance at sobriety by completing an extended length drug rehab program. That is why we recommend long-term options and can help you find the centers that provide this type of treatment near you.

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