Why Medical Detox is Sometimes Necessary

Medical Detoxification ProfessionalsWhen someone seeks out a medical detox center, they often do so because they are seeking a facility that will help patients to gradually reduce their intake of narcotics. The reason for the gradual reduction is that a number of narcotics and commonly abused prescription medications have potentially dangerous or even fatal withdrawal symptoms associated with them. That is why someone going through withdrawal from these narcotics by themselves is a potentially dangerous situation. Medical detox means that the patient is in a safe environment and under the supervision of a doctor and other qualified staff.

Recovery from Dangerous Narcotics

Of course, the preferred option for any person struggling with dependence would be to overcome the problem without needing to put another chemical in their body. However, when it comes to a number of prescription medications, opiates such as heroin and with extreme alcohol addiction, the recovery periods are not just intense, but also include dangerous psychological and physical withdrawal symptoms. In those situations cleansing the body may feel unbearable or become physically dangerous, medical detox can help shorten the length of cleansing and help reduce the patient's undergoing of painful / dangerous symptoms.

The withdrawal symptoms that someone experiences will depend on a number of things.

In order to help with minimizing symptoms, the physician may give a person medication. For example, if one of the withdrawal symptoms is insomnia, the patient may be given something to help them sleep. In the case of a serious opiate addiction, it is possible that a medication such as Suboxone or methadone will help circumvent the majority of withdrawal symptoms and will provide a gradual cleansing process that should be easier for the patient to deal with.

The consulting physician focuses on stabilizing the patient during the critical cleansing period. Gradually the consulting physician begins to look for the right amount that allows the patient to be comfortable and slowly the dosage is lowered until the patient is eventually completely free of outside substances. Assessments and regular check-ins by a consulting physician will continue to insure an effective "step-down" process.

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A Slightly Longer Process

People often want everything fast. They expect immediate results, but it is important to remember that for health reasons, speeding up the process is oftentimes just not an option. When consulting physicians supervise the withdrawal, it is to provide the best option for those struggling with alcoholism, a dependence on opiate painkillers, heroin addiction or other issues that use approved treatment medications. It is true that these types of treatment take a while longer, but it is important to keep in mind that this is done for the overall health of the patient.

Drug Replacement Compared to Medical Detox

One of the biggest problems we have seen with a large number of medical centers is that they don't do their job as well as they should. This means that sometimes, these centers seem to look for shortcuts in the treatment. What we mean by this is that the doctors and/or clinics tend to send patients out the door with nothing more than a prescription. We believe that if we asked the majority of people that are struggling with substance abuse what their ultimate goal would be when entering treatment, it would not be "to replace this illegal substance with a legal one," but that most people would want to become "completely drug free. This is why we believe that the goal of the process should be to get off narcotics, not exchange one addiction for another. Temporary replacements are therefore only recommended when they are medically essential.

Finding the Right Treatment

Long-Term Success is PossibleWhen you call us, we can help you find facilities that will not only help you or your loved one get off drugs safely, but also go the extra mile. This means having a personalized program available that takes the needs of the individual into consideration. This comes in the form of a specialized program tailored to the patient's specific physical condition, all in order to start to repair the damage that the drugs have done to the body.

Please remember that purification of the body is only the first step to beating addiction in the overall treatment process. Too many people believe that a medical detoxification alone is enough, but the relapse rate of patients who only use this initial procedure is much higher than the relapse rate of patients that seek out additional treatment. This is why we recommend and can help you locate, successful long-term drug rehabilitation programs.

When minimizing withdrawal symptoms, it means that the patient is able to move towards the process of healing the emotional and psychological complications that may be the underlying cause of addiction. The psychological aspect of treatment generally does not begin until the person is completely drug-free. This means that he or she is off his or her detoxification medication as well. From there, it is possible to come to an understanding why the person turned to drugs or alcohol in the first place and what can be done to avoid these temptations in the future.

Contact us today at 1-800-964-1075 to speak with an addiction consultant for more information about the full range of medical detoxification centers available right now. Our counselors are ready to listen to your personal story and help you find the treatment you need, to take a new path on the road to complete recovery and away from alcohol and drugs forever. If you have special needs, concerns, or fears, do not be afraid to ask for a consultation.

NOTE: Someone trying to recover while they are home alone is never a good idea. Even though the withdrawal symptoms of certain drugs are more likely to pose a danger to your health than others are, there is no telling how the body is going to react. If you are serious about going through detoxification, ensure that you have the safest experience and best results by having the complete process supervised by consulting professionals.


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