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PA Recovery PotentialIn the event that you are looking for a local treatment facility, it can be incredibly frustrating to find so many options that all declare that they are superior to one another. You know that these wildly different treatments cannot all be the same, so it could leave you frustrated and confused. If you want help in making sense of your many options, we can help you do just that. Drug and Alcohol Rehabs is a service available for people throughout Pennsylvania, whether you are from Allentown, Harrisburg, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Scranton, or surrounding areas. Our qualified and experienced counselors will assist you with options and after discussing your situation, give you advice if you want it. Find out as much as possible about drug rehab centers in Pennsylvania before you make your decision.

Problems Facing the State Right Now

Heroin, cocaine, crack cocaine and marijuana remain the most available, popular, used and trafficked illegal drugs in Pennsylvania. However, drugs manufactured underground such as methamphetamine, crystal methamphetamine and club drugs which include MDMA/ecstasy, also remained readily available to users of various ages and socioeconomic backgrounds. OxyContin availability was reported to be decreasing, yet it remained popular in some areas, especially in northeastern Pennsylvania. The diversion of methamphetamine precursor chemicals such as ephedrine, pseudoephedrine and anhydrous ammonia, as well as the discovery of clandestine laboratories, remained a problem in western Pennsylvania, while significant investigations of internet pharmacies continue.

Heroin the Most Significant Problem

As the statistics show, more people seek help for heroin than any other drug in Pennsylvania and that includes marijuana; this statistic is almost unheard of. After the use had been drastically reduced in the last few decades, heroin is quickly making a horrific comeback. For many people, it has become the illicit substance of choice. The reason for it may surprise you simple economics.

Decades earlier, heroin was often found in lower income areas, but recent trends show that it is not nearly as discriminatory now as it was decades ago. The use of this narcotic is reverberating through many affluent neighborhoods as well. The problem is the addiction to prescription medication painkillers. People often use these painkillers recreationally or become addicted to them after having been prescribed them for an injury or surgery.

However, once the person becomes dependent on the opioid pain reliever, the previous dosage that they once had no longer is enough to meet their daily requirements. Because prescription medication can be costly (upwards of five to ten dollars for a single 10mg tablet), many people with an addiction to these pain relievers find that it is becoming too expensive to maintain their habit. Compare that price to a balloon of heroin that comes at the same price, but the heroin lasts the user much longer. For many people, the addiction to prescription pain relievers eventually turns them to heroin.

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Risks Associated with the Drug

Even though it may be a 'perfect' drug for the user (it is cheap, easy to find and provides an intense high), there are many dangers associated with the use of heroin. These include both short-term and long-term risks:

Short-term risks: Even if someone only uses it once, they are at greater risk for medical problems when using this narcotic. Because it is impossible to determine how 'pure' or strong a dosage is, first-time users may take a much higher dose as originally intended. It also slows down the central nervous system to a crawl, this means that users cannot react to things around them in a timely manner. The depression of the central nervous system may even include stopping the user's breathing and heart rate. Addiction may form with users who only try heroin once, leaving some more susceptible to addiction than others might be.

Long-term risks: Those who use the drug for a long period of time often face mental health problems. A study in the journal of European Psychiatry found people that used the drug for a long period had a much higher rate of mental illness than was expected. Out of the participants of the study, 26.3 percent were suicidal, 56.4 percent were aggressive, and 68.6 percent were depressed. There are also many health issues that those who inject intravenously have to deal with, including:

Individuals who use the same needle to injection multiple times or who share needles are especially at risk. Anyone who abuses the drug is at risk for withdrawal symptoms between doses, but also arthritis, and heart infections. These withdrawal symptoms may include a desperate craving for the narcotic, involuntary leg movements, cold sweats, vomiting, diarrhea and constipation. Because of the extreme discomfort of these withdrawal symptoms, many users start using again to make those symptoms stop.

Because of the above and because a single use may be fatal, it is always important to seek help the moment that you believe that someone you care about may be struggling with a dependence to this incredibly addictive and dangerous substance.

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Free 24-Hour PA Addiction HelplineNow that you know the dangers in the state of Pennsylvania, you may be ready to narrow down your options. With so many different choices available though, it can become frustrating to choose one, mainly because you are probably wanting to move fast, but don't want to compromise on quality. In that case, talking to our qualified counselors can help you. They will listen to your situation and give you a number of recommendations that would provide a good fit in your case. Whether you are unsure about something or feel ready and confident to take that next step, you can call our qualified staff and discuss the available options. Don't waste another moment; addiction does not get better with time - call right now.

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Important Local Contact Information:

Governor's Office
(717) 787-2500

Attorney General
(717) 787-3391

Department of Corrections
(717) 975-4859

State Bureau of Drug & Alcohol Programs
(717) 783-8200

Regional Alcohol & Drug Awareness Resource (RADAR) Center
(717) 783-8200

Office Safe and Drug-Free Schools and Communities
(717) 772-2813

Local Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) Field Offices
(610) 770-0940
(717) 221-2270
(412) 395-4502
(570) 496-1020
Philadelphia Field Division: (215) 861-3474

Local Recovery Centers:

Bowling Green Brandywine
(610) 268-3588
1375 Newark Road
Kennett Square, PA 19348

(800) 854-6023
243 North Galen Hall Road
Wernersville, PA 19565

Caton Village
(215) 978-8010
1239 Spring Garden Street
Philadelphia, PA 19123

Clarity Way
(877) 548-4794
544 Iron Ridge Road
Hanover, PA 17331

Clearbrook Lodge
(570) 864-3116
890 Bethel Hill Road
Shickshinny, PA 18655

Clearbrook Manor
(570) 823-1171
1100 East Northampton Street
Wilkes Barre, PA 18702

Colonial House Inc.
(717) 792-9702
1300 Woodberry Road
York, PA 17408

Conewago Place
(717) 533-0428
424 Nye Road
Hummelstown, PA 17036

Gate House
(717) 285-2300
465 West Main Street
Mountville, PA 17554

Gateway Rehabilitation Center
(412) 766-8700
100 Moffett Run Road
Aliquippa, PA 15001

Gaudenzia Inc.
(215) 413-8268
1306 Spring Garden Street, 8th Floor
Philadelphia, PA 19123

Greenbriar Treatment Center
(800) 637-4673
800 Manor Drive
Washington, PA 15301

Interim House Inc.
(215) 871-0300
4108 Parkside Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19104

Little Creek Recovery
(877) 689-2644
359 Easton Turnpike
Hamlin, PA 18427

My Sister's Place
(215) 727-1640
5601 Kingsessing Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19143

Pyramid Quakertown
(215) 536-9070
2705 Old Bethlehem Pike
Quakertown, PA 18951

Re Enter Inc.
(215) 222-2770
3331 Powelton Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19104

Self Help Movement Inc.
(215) 677-7778
2600 Southampton Road
Philadelphia, PA 19116

St. Joseph Institute
(814) 692-4954
134 Jacobs Way
Port Matilda, PA 16870

Treatment Trends Inc.
(610) 439-8479
18-22 South 6th Street
Allentown, PA 18101

Turning Point
(814) 437-1750
4849 U.S. 322
Franklin, PA 16323

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